Admin Menu Editor plugins to control your WordPress admin dashboard 
Are Admin menu editors really important for any website? Yes, you are thinking right. Admin menu editor helps you to edit or change manually on your admin dashboard menu.  

With the help of the admin menu editor, you can reorder the menu, show and hide any specific items, change permissions, and many more options.

Admin Menu Editor allows you to do edits permission by another one also, so your website will be developed well. We provide you the best WordPress  GPL products like themes, plugins, template kits,s and many more. If you want to take advantage of the admin menu editor at a good price you need to visit our website  srmehranclub

The admin editor offers you the other features as you can also change the menu titles of the website like the URL icons, CSS assets, and more. 

Also can create a custom menu that helps to point at any part of the dashboard or an external URL. You can organize your menu times with the help of the drag and drop option. 

The latest feature you will get on this plugin is that you can hide the menu with everyone except a specific user and can export your admin menu in a new window. You can change the menu permission by setting the required capability.

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