Best WordPress Plugin For Security & Scanning
Security is one of the most important and must-have factors for any website. Because the site is not secure then it may get hacked by hackers easily, so you always should use the premium plugin for Security or scanning. 

You can secure your website by using srmehranclub’s security plugin. Safenulled offers you service in 5 different languages like Hindi, English, Urdu, Spanish and French and also that our services are not limited to one or two platforms, instead of that we have a wide range of support for many platforms including Prestashop, HTML, PHP Script, Opencart, Admin Templates, Email Templates, and others. 

If you buy any products they should be easy to use and customizable. Our products come with an easy user interface and they are easy to use and customizable for beginners and experts. 

Our WordPress Plugin For Security is compatible with various platforms like WordPress, PHP, email templates, and many more. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. 

srmehranclub’s security plugin scans the site and finds malicious code and fixes them. You get complete control of our WordPress Plugin For Security & Scanning for customization. Our services allow you to set email alerts, schedule scanning, set the allowlist and blocklist from it, and many more. That makes it easy for the creators to secure the site from hackers.

Our plugins give you full control so that you can easily clone your site, duplicate or you can migrate it any time you wish to. For any website spam comments are the real headache, our WordPress Plugin For Security is smart enough to recognize the spam comment and allows you to block them easily with one click.

Site stats is the thing that helps you to understand your audiences, where they are coming from, total page view, and custom page view that is integrated with the plugin so you can easily understand your audience and their target destination. 

Backup is also very important for any website, we highly recommend you to take backup of your site every day or at least once a week. Safenulledclus’s premium GPL themes and plugins are so useful in terms of backup of any site. You can set up the custom date for baking up the site data easily. 

System support is one thing that comes into the role after buying the service. We give you 100% support for any premium service. Our plugins are very easy to use and install, but in some cases, you need to contact your technical support team. Our technical support team is dedicated to you and provides you with the best solution as soon as possible. 

The srmehranclub’s plugin comes with multiple features loaded, so we are sharing some of the key features. Our plugins check the integrity of WordPress, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and all the files that come with your original WordPress version. 

We are having more than 98% satisfied customers with different products and services. So if you are planning to buy the premium service, simply sign up with us and get full access to our premium services and tools.