WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager Plugin For WordPress
If you own a WordPress website where you need to add job-board features then WP Job Manager Plugin can play a handy role for this. This plugin works on the Shortcodes which enables the admin to output individual jobs in various formats, a job submission form, employers dashboard, list of jobs, and many others. Admin has the power to edit, view, or delete the entire job list from the panel. The best thing about this plugin is, you are familiar with any existing themes and plugins. Using this plugin allows you to make any changes in the job listing and the sample WordPress UI. The job lister is also capable of checking the job preview before making it live, and the preview looks the same as the live. RSS links are integrated into the plugin and open the gate for the people who are searching for jobs to be alerted to when the new job matches their searches. We are srmehranclub and we are one of the top resellers of website-related products. We have been in the business since 2016 and till now we have delivered products to more than 38500 users around the globe. Our customer satisfaction ratio is above 98%. You can take our prime membership and use the WP Job Manager plugin in your WordPress site. Apart from this plugin we also have WordPress GPL Products 15500+ various products that can be handy for your website. On top of we provide our customers money-back guarantee where if the users don’t get satisfied with the products and services then they can claim a full money refund within 7 days of purchasing.  So without any further delay go ahead and take a prime membership and start using the premium product.