WP Simple Pay Pro

Do you want to add simple payment access on your WordPress which is quickly added and optimized and do secure payments for your customers? If yes then the wp simple pay pro plugin is the best option for you. 

Wp simple pay pro has no coding and shopping no requirement to add a cart on the website. And it allows your visitors to pay only once for a subscription and enter the amount to add more useful feature options.

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Wp simple pay pro is a very light payment plugin for your website that only integrates with the stripe. If you want you can also create flexible payment forms that utilize your stripe elements and check out process.

Wp simple pay pro is a simple and easy noncard payment method through stripe with many cards like apple pay, google pay, debit, and many more cards. This plugin is very useful for an online business to accept the payments in a simple way so that your customers would face any inconvenience.

The feature you will get in this plutot can create unlimited payments for integrated with stripe checkout, toggle between the success and failures pages, translation ready, developer building for custom integration.

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