Gravity Perks

Gravity Perks Plugin For WordPress
Gravity Perk is a kind of plugging that enables WordPress users to create blacklists, send emails, add conditional logic to dates, add services, terms, and conditions field, add eCommerce field in the website, repeat forms, add conditional prices, and many more other things. 

Simply add the Gravity Perk plugin to your WordPress site, and manage all the data from the admin panel. For using this plugin you don’t need to learn new stuff like, creating a form, or creating an additional field for the site, all the templates are already integrated, simply choose the best and according to your business requirements and start using it without any extra technical skills. 

Gravity Perks plugin available for free for WordPress websites with limited features, but when you upgrade it to premium, you unlock all the features, and enable yourself to get all the updated company releases. We enable you to use this plugin on up to 3 websites with a single premium account. 

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