Best Facetwp Plugin For WordPress & Woocommerce
If you are running a Woocommerce site on WordPress then the Facetwp plugin could be the best plugin for you, because this plugin enables you to add faceted search to your Woocommerce website, listing pages, search pages, directories, resources pages, and more. 

This plugin automatically works on the existing archive pages, and posts so you don’t have to do it manually. The Facetwp Plugin is lightning fast and doesn’t affect your site speed. 

This plugin is immensely simple to install and easy to use on the WordPress website. It also provides a smart filtering option to the users, so that users are able to find only those fields which are required. 

The best thing about the Facetwp plugin is it is compatible with most of the newer and older themes, which gives you more freedom to use it anywhere. We are srmehranclub and we have been leading in the market since 2016. 

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