Wordpress Analytify Plugin
Analytify is the best WordPress plugin for those who are holding multiple sites and find to manage all the websites at a time. 

Analytify plaguing for WordPress, and other platforms will be handy in this scenario, it is highly powerful to keep the records of your website and report to you once anything wrong happens with the website. 

Analytify is also useful to track the top-ranking pages and enables you to take action if any of your page rankings go down. 

We allows you the best and easy-to-use plugins, themes, templates for multi-purpose. Our Analytify is one of the best and lightweight plugins, which doesn’t affect your site or we say it doesn’t slow down the site in any scenario. 

The integration of this is pretty simple in WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, and other platforms. You can take our premium membership and access this. Analytify enables you to track your eCommerce stores google analytics data. 

This is also useful in terms of providing the transaction data, and total revenue data. If you have the option to use srmehranclub premium theme, templates, and other services such as the Analytify plugin which provides you real-time data.

We also care about our valuable customers to we don’t restrict them with short of limitation, we always try to provide them as possible as data so we have features included that permit you to check campaign statics, event tracking, google AMP, use shortcodes in widgets, full detailed google analytics data even a single page data, and others.

With the help of our Analytify plugin, you can get scheduled email notifications for checking a notification. 

If you are looking to grow the business, you can take our membership, which is pocket-friendly, and give it a try to one of the plugins, themes, templates.